This page corrals all the projects I am looking at at the moment:

Currently in progress

  • R: Dublin Bus GPS Data: Phase 2
  • Python/MySQL: Terminology Database: personal SQL based terminology database for EN FR and DE. Phase 1: database.
  • TextOnline list of data sources on Github

Currently stable

  • WebEireMarkings: using collective effort to map still existing world war II navigation markers

Want to dos


  • Operations data into JFK: general analysis of data
  • Have a look at Kaggle competitions

Machine Learning

  • Count fish in an image of a shoal of fish or birds in a flock of birds

Raspberry Pi/hardware

  • Text: Write Build An Entertainment Centre on Raspberry Pi for people who are absolutely not technical at all


  • Design and write own version control system that fulfills my own needs  <<—- have decided not to do this for the moment


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