In December 2012, I started researching the locations of the still remaining neutrality markings in Ireland.

These were large signs placed along the Irish coast for the benefit of flight crews identifying the land below as Ireland. They were linked with the numbered coastal watch look out post system and numbers were added to each sign. Roughly 85 such signs were built in 1942-1943. So far, I have identified 20 of them which can still be seen from commercial aerial photographs. A site cataloguing them is here.


When I went researching feedback into what made a good Powerpoint presentation, and additionally, what superusers of Powerpoint did, it transpired that they used as little as possible in the way of tricks and toys. That the secret was in the content and the layout of the information; that the presentation could stand alone, did not demand much reading from the reader, yet told the story effectively. Design was more important than toys and fripperies.

In short, keep it simple.

I’m aware that this will not always be possible but for something simple like this, I felt it was a suitable medium.