About Treasa

Hi. My name is Treasa.

I currently work as an IT service manager. I am not currently looking for other opportunities

Computing stuff:

  • I write R, Java, SQL, assembler and Python. I can probably learn any language I choose to. I have a shopping list.
  • I run several personal websites covering photography, data, languages and code, bobbin lace making and urban sketching.
  • I’m interested in crowd sourced information and machine learning.
  • Software stuff: Adobe Photoshop, SPSS, Minitab

Other skill stuff

  • Je parle francais.
  • Ich spreche deutsch.
  • Hablo poco espanol.
  • Min√§ puhun vahan suomea.
  • I have very strong communication skills, both written and oral.
  • I have strong visual skills where cameras are concerned.
  • I have expert level Photoshop

Academic stuff:

  • 2014 – MSc in Computer Science from University College Dublin. I focused on data analytics and machine learning.
  • 2005 – Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Dublin City University
  • 1998 – Recipient of summer scholarship to study Finnish in Finland
  • 1997 – Postgraduate Diploma in Conference Interpreting Techniques from University of Westminster
  • 1994 – B.A. Honours in Applied Languages from Dublin City University. This also included study at the University of Hildesheim in Germany
  • 1990 – Leaving Certificate.
  • I’ve also done a few Open University mathematics/statistics modules with a view to a degree in that area. Those plans were¬†suspended while I completed my Masters in computer science and may get scotched for a good period if I go and research for a PhD as well. I’m considering PhD studies in the areas of machine learning and interpreting. I have not finally decided yet.

Web stuff

  • I’ve run a website in one shape or form since 2000, even as far back as Geocities, It was terrible.
  • I have crowdsourced information for a personal history program which you can see here: www.eiremarkings.org
  • I have been mod on two major message boards in Ireland.

One thought on “About Treasa”

  1. Hello Treasa,

    Just want to say that I thoroughly endorse the comments you made three years ago about language learning in Ireland and the relative lack of value that employers place on languages. The attitude seems to be that while employers seem to think that they are useful, they don’t see them as essential or pay linguists for their skill. I suspect that this may be down to the fact that many people in Anglophone countries do not really appreciate the intellectual difficulty of learning languages and learning them well- especially when the attitude is the whole world will speak English.

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