oh and on the subject of the reading list.

Currently I am supposed to be reading Alex’s Adventures in Numberland – it is fascinating if you’ve any remote interest in maths by the way – and a couple of science books, one of which is Earth in 100 Groundbreaking Discoveries by Douglas Palmer. It’s been fascinating and it’s upping my knowledge of geology (desirable) without it necessarily being via a DVD narrated by some unknown with an ominous voice (serious – watch documentaries on the History Channel to get a vibe for what I am complaining about here). There’s a review from Popular Science here. Also in the pile beside my bed is The Science Book: Everything you need to know about the world and how it works.

I go through phases on the book but have found that, with some notable exceptions (Terry Pratchett being the most noticeable), most of my books are generally non-fiction and mainly drawn from science, mathematics, linguistics, history and travel. Oh, and photography. I have a monumental library of photography books at this stage, with a certain specialised interest in sports photography. And cookbooks.

I should probably stop digging on the pile of books front. Suffice to say, Kindle software and ebooks will be revolutionising my life the more the catalogue grows.

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