If I had access to your data…

Some time ago, Hilary Mason of Bit.ly did a blog post on the sort of questions she asked when she was recruiting data scientists. There was some interesting stuff there, and since then, other people have done similar things via LinkedIn, for example.

One of the ones Hilary raised went along the lines of “Well look, you know a bit about our data now, so, what would you do with it that we aren’t doing at the moment”.

I liked that question a lot and have been thinking about it since, particularly with a view to the data available to other companies – not just Bit.ly – and have decided to do the occasional blog post on what I’d do with available data in different companies. Hence, there will be the odd entry which starts IIHA2YD which will cover that. I see some benefits to this – it allows you to sit down and consider what sort of data companies might truly have. And because you are looking at it from a company perspective, it’s likely to be less silo’d than if you were looking at it from the point of view of analytics in support of a particular function.

I foresee fun.

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