So yeah, this is coming to you from the Raspberry Pi

About the most exciting thing I have to report at this point is that the wireless is now working on the Raspbian install which is an improvement over the last three times I’ve plugged in that particular SD card.

This is important because it means that I can finally start working in comfort at my desk rather than curled up on the living room floor.

I ran into two main issues:

  1. the wireless would not work in Raspbian
  2. two of the three keyboards I have at my disposal did not want to work effectively – I wound up with repeating letters which made getting a password entered impossible. The third keyboard is working and to facilitate that and the new monitor, major desk reorg required.

So okay, I’ve got a browser working on it; I can fire up Wolfram and Mathematica, Python is installed, what next?


I am very shortly going to go and get one of the Raspberry Pi books and look into building a can’t fail media centre and I will write instructions about that here when it’s done and running.

I also want to try and build a weather station. And a robot. And I want to build snake on it as well but I think I may have code for that.

My reading list, for anyone who is interested includes:

  • Raspberry Pi for Kids
  • Raspberry Pi User Guide
  • Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps and
  • Linux User Issue 134

There are also numerous websites. Raspberry Pi’s own website and Wolfram’s site, for example. I anticipate hours of endless fun.